Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy for KateFluker (hereinafter referred to as “KateFluker“) operates several services accessible over the Internet, such as, as well as applications on mobile devices. In addition, KateFluker has several presences in other online services and networks. KateFluker would like to explain to you with this privacy policy which personal data are processed for which purpose and in what form for KateFluker.

1st principle

KateFluker takes the protection of the personal data of its users very seriously and complies with the applicable data protection regulations. KateFluker processes your personal data only if the law allows the data processing or if you have given your consent to the processing of your data. This applies in particular to the use and disclosure of personal data for advertising or marketing purposes.

In addition, for the optimized display of advertising in KateFluker, data can also be processed and used (eg with the help of cookies), which may not contain your name and details about you personally, but may legally be evaluated as so-called pseudonymous data. Please therefore note the below mentioned option to disable this type of advertising. This also applies to the analysis of the use of our website by technical means.

2. Consent

KateFluker processes your personal data only if the law permits the processing of data or if you have given your consent to the processing of your data.

If you have given us your consent to the receipt of e-mail advertising messages, in particular as part of your registration, we will process your e-mail address (as well as your first and last name and other information, if applicable) E-mails with advertising messages can be sent to you and you can revoke the given consent at any time.

If you have also given us your consent to this, your personal data may also be forwarded to cooperation partners of KateFluker for the purpose of advertising, market research, information about products and services, the delivery of offers for the conclusion of contracts for goods and services and a be optimally adapted to the interests of the user further information through a newsletter, passed. In any case, you will be clearly informed about the scope of any consent and any data recipients.

KateFluker will log your consent. If you do not give your consent in individual cases, we ask for your understanding that you may not be able to attend the respective service.

3. Revocation of consent

You may revoke your consent to the collection and storage of your personal data by KateFluker at any time. If necessary, please write to


Service Team

83 Ducie Street, Manchester M1 2JQ GB

United Kingdom

or send an e-mail to [email protected] or use our contact form. Please understand that in the case of your cancellation, we can no longer provide certain services, such as newsletters or participation in sweepstakes.

4. Direct mail for similar offers

KateFluker is entitled to use the e-mail address that you provided when registering for services subject to registration for direct marketing purposes for your own, similar services. However, if you no longer wish to receive direct mail (more), you may object to this use of your email address at any time, without incurring any costs other than the transmission costs according to the basic rates. Simply write to us at the address stated in section 3 or use our contact form.

5. Registered services

You can use many KateFluker services without having to register with us. However, some services require separate registration. For example, the community, where you have your own user profile, can comment on content.

To register with KateFluker, KateFluker offers you a login service. This will create a user profile with a registration and then log in to all services with this profile. In addition to registration, we also offer other registrations or registrations, such as newsletters, sweepstakes, voting, reader services and the like.

6. Orders in and about KateFluker

In some KateFluker services, we also offer paid services or the purchase of goods for a fee. For example, you can pay for individual products and then retrieve them or buy goods in the shop. For this purpose, if necessary and depending on the respective service, further data are to be provided by you (eg a delivery address or payment data).

a. Data transfer

Insofar as this is necessary for the processing of your order in your interest, KateFluker will pass on the collected and stored data to our service providers, business partners and sponsors within the scope of contractual agreements. Of course, our business partners and sponsors are required to comply with the statutory data protection regulations.

For the different types of payment we work together with external companies:

►for payment by direct transfer, this is Payment Network AG, Fussbergstr. 1, 82131 Gauting

For payment via paypal, this is PayPal Deutschland GmbH, Am Marktplatz 1, 14532 Europaparc Dreilinden

In the event of non-contractual processing, KateFluker will pass on relevant information for the protection of legitimate interests of third parties. The respective data transmission and storage takes place according to the requirements of the law only insofar as this is necessary for the protection of legitimate interests of KateFluker or the general public and thereby protectable interests of you as our customer are not affected.

The customer can obtain information about the data stored on the person of the customer at the named companies with the addition of a photocopy of the passport or passport at the above address.

7. Your content in KateFluker

In addition to just visiting KateFluker, you can also interact with us and other users. In particular, we allow our users to comment on or rate posts in a KateFluker service as appropriate. Also, in some places, you may choose to submit further content (such as photos you have taken) for publication in KateFluker.

a. Content with personal reference

All these cases naturally entail the collection and processing of further data. Send us content for publication or comment on a post or the comments of other users in KateFluker, so even these contents or comments may contain personally identifiable information – namely, if you provide such information, can be seen on a photo itself etc. In addition, personalization functions used by the user (such as the possibilities in the community to “follow” certain topics or users) inevitably lead to us being aware of the user’s interests expressed thereby.

Your personal data given with all this we use only for the purpose of providing the desired service. We only pass on the data to third parties if you have expressly consented to this or if we are legally obliged to do so. In particular, we do not disclose the data to third parties beyond your consent (see section 2 above) or other regulatory inquiries on a legal basis.

b. Visibility and settings

In the KateFluker we also offer you different possibilities to adjust the visibility of your content. In addition, you can make more settings regarding the visibility of your profile information for services subject to registration, such as the community, than in non-registrable services such as an anonymous commentary. Please read the help pages of the respective services, which will give you information about the individual settings.

c. comments are

The comment function is included in some KateFluker posts. We point out to you where this commentary function is integrated.

When you visit one of our web pages that contains the comment function, your browser establishes a direct connection to the servers and loads the comment function from there. The information is transmitted.

8. Cookies

In the course of the use of KateFluker cookies are set. Cookies are small files that are stored on your hard drive, assigned to the browser you are using, and that provide certain information to the body that sets the cookie. Cookies can not run programs or transmit viruses to your computer. They serve to make the respective KateFluker service more user-friendly and effective overall.

These cookies give us information about the browser type and version, the URL clickstream (the order of the pages you visit on our website), the date and time of the visit to our portal and the cookie number, but not the name Address, e-mail address or just IP addresses of our users.

The cookies directly set by KateFluker are for statistical purposes only. So we learn what content our leasers retrieved most of what time on which terminals. This information helps us to create rubrics like “mostly read” and in this way make the KateFluker more comfortable for our users. Thanks to the statistical findings on browser type and operating system, we can also optimize the design.

In addition, we would like to offer users of KateFluker content and services that are as relevant as possible. For this purpose, we or our partners automatically analyze the information contained in the log files or cookies. We do this to show users offers or content related to the region only (for example, regional news or weather information).

In general, you can prevent the storage of cookies on your hard disk by selecting “Do not accept cookies” in your browser settings. You can also set your browser to ask you before you set cookies whether you agree. Finally, you can delete once set cookies at any time. How this works in detail, please refer to the instructions of your browser manufacturer. If you do not accept cookies, this may result in functional restrictions of the website in individual cases. Please note that in the event of a cookie deletion you also need to reactivate the Opt Out link.

9. Online Advertising

In the KateFluker we advertise. The advertising spaces will be marketed by KateFluker. The following data are processed through the use of cookies, although we explicitly point out your right of objection:

Information about your activities is recorded on all internet pages and internet services marketed by the KateFluker (eg surfing behavior, visited subpages of the internet offers, clicked advertising banners, etc.). Since, according to the current legal situation, it can not be completely ruled out that the collected data will permit an indirect personal reference, all usage data are stored using a pseudonym so that personal identification is excluded. Where appropriate, these data will be used in conjunction with anonymous data from online questionnaires. The IP address of your computer transmitted for technical reasons is completely anonymised and not used for the controlled display of advertising.

If you no longer wish to receive usage-based advertising, you may opt out of one of the following links and disable data collection:




How cookies work in general and how they handle them and what settings you can make in your browser can be found in “8. Cookies “read.

10. Mobile KateFluker services

Mobile KateFluker services may include in particular applications for mobile phones and tablets. We only collect data for the purpose of system security and to constantly improve the offer of these KateFluker services. In addition, processing of data is necessary in order to be able to offer you paid services, especially services in applications.

11. Web analysis

We also use so-called tracking tools to analyze traffic in KateFluker. However, this does not give us any personal information about our users, but rather only statistical data about their use.

For example, in this way we will learn which content is particularly popular in KateFluker, at which times our website is used intensively, whether our users are more likely to reach KateFluker via search engines or from our other website, from which parts and cities of the world from our users who use KateFluker and which browsers and operating systems our users generally use when visiting KateFluker. We use this information to continually improve the KateFluker technically, creatively and editorially, and to make it more comfortable for you. Based on the statistical findings on browser type and operating system, we can also optimize our web design. The tools used to analyze the web are the services listed below.

If you disagree with the above-described storage and use of the usage data by the respective technical service provider, you can deactivate the web analysis in the manner described and explain your objection to the web-based data collection and use ,

a. Google Analytics